PES 2013 HANO Patch V2.0 New Season 2019

Hano Patch 4U July 16, 2019 December 29, 2020
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Specifications :
(All leagues are up to date 17/18)

Premier League

La Liga
French league
Italian Leauge
Brazilian league
Portuguese league
Champions League
World Cup
Euro 2020
Cuba Brazil
And more
- Final full winter transfer 2018 (All transfers in the game are 100% complete)
Add more than 2,000 new faces
New Graphic and Gaming
New Wallpapers and Lists
- Teams 2018/2019 for all teams and teams (100% complete)
- More than 40 new legendary stadiums with HD
- Playground floors taken from PES 2018
New shoes, gloves and gloves
- Team logos on crews
- Advertising boards for all teams
- All teams and patrols logos updated 2018
Add 3D Modes to the stadium
- New lines of the game taken from FIFA 18
- 2018 World Cup teams fully updated 32 teams
New songs in the game
Scorpard Hanu Official
Adjust the ages and energies of the players
Full formations as well as new players for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid
Update of Arab teams
And more more superstitions you'll discover yourself

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