PES 2017 HANO MINI PATCH V6 - Next Season 2022 Update V2

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  • Features
  1. Update Players Ratings 2022 : List
  2. Update Egyptian League & Cup & Super Cup Logo
  3. Added Al Ahly SC 4th ( VS Zamalek )
  4. Added Egyptian League Scoreboard & Replay Logo
  5. Added Fares Awad Commentary From FIFA 2021 ( Selector )
  6. Added 6 Faces In Egyptian League : List
  7. Added 17 Faces In All Leagues : List
  8. Added Season 2022 Kits : List
  9. & More..
  1. Complete with HANO Mini Patch V6 + V6.1
  2. Size : 280Mb!

  • Screenshots

  • Review & How To Install?

  • IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remove : 12-HANO PATCH4U-EGY FIX.cpk & 13-HANO PATCH4U-EGY FIX.cpk From Download
  • Credits

  2. يمان داية
  3. Mohamed Rabie
  4. Africans Facemakers
  5. Kodigo Facemaker


  1. تسلم ايدك بس محتاجين الامكانيات تتعدل ل data pack 5.0

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. can you tell me what kit model do you use bro?

  4. المينى باتش 6.2جبت دورى من فرقتين اول ماتش كان ليفربول وارسنال الماتش خلص عادى واللعبة هنجت بعدها وعدت الماتش ونفس الحوار اتكرر فيا ريت تشوف حل

  5. لعبت انا بقى على البرو تيم عند واحد صاحبى وجبنا برده دورى من فرقتين ولعبنا كام ماتش تمام وجه عند ماتش توتنهام وساوثهامبتون والماتش خلص عادى واللعبة بعدها وعدت الماتش 3 مرات ونفس المشكلة فايه الحل احنا بنلعب دورة عادى ومفيش مشكلة المشكلة كانت فى الدورى

  6. hi bro...i have downloaded everything but this (((Egyptian League For MINI HANO V6 PES 2017.rar))) everytime i try to download it from any phone or my lab’s browser like IDM it freeze at this (((603.23_603.25))) then restart from the beginning....i cant setup the mode without this small thing...pleassssee help.....i think this link is dead ((( League For MINI HANO V6 PES 2017.rar)))..

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. هل بيركب على باتش برو تيم v6

  9. after i install the update v1 and v2, the shopee liga 1 is changed with egypt league. how to fix it, i won't egypt league, i want shopee liga 1

  10. في مشكلة سكودبورد دوريات من شغال وفي اطقم منتخبات مو موجودة مثل الجزائر الطقم ثاني شو الحل

  11. how to fix the egypt league bro ?

  12. i already used your patch. It's great. But, sometimes after I finished my match, the application suddenly stop without any dialog box appear. I've installed your patch following your tutorial. But its still close when I finished my match, especially master league. Can you tell me how to fix it ? Thanks

  13. I cant to download it
    I try all server you put but no one work
    Its write (the link is broken)
    What is the solve please !?


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