Hano Patch 4U October 21, 2019

Hano Patch 4u Official Website
 Our Content : PES Mods & Patches

What is the content of the site?
We are making updates to the game PES all versions to be updated to the latest version made by the manufacturer Konami

Are these updates free?
Yes, completely free, without any fees

Is this update for everyone?
Yes, we do updates for all versions
We also make updates suitable for all packages
There are updates of less than 5 GB, and there are updates of about 10 GB, and there are updates of more than 20 GB, differing according to the features and additions

Will this service always be free?
Yes, it will be free as long as we provide this service

Is there a problem-solving service?
Yes, we make publications and videos in which we solve all the problems of our updates, and we also receive your problems through our Facebook group